Our warranties

All ITHURBIDE batteries are certified by IRAM-AITA 13A1:2014 Norm (Argentine Institute of Normalisation and Certification) and warranty against all manufacturing faults.
The warranty is valid from the moment the authorized personnel perform the respective controls of the electric functioning of the vehicle and its installment. The warranty duration is stated in the warranty certificate.
In ITHURBIDE Sales Centers, you will be able to perform the required controls of the vehicle functioning for free. During the warranty period, the product that may have any manufacturing fault will be replaced free of charge at the places indicated, as well as the applied work.

Unfair claim not covered by warranty

  • Battery discharged.
  • Hot stamping number does not correspond with the one indicated in the warranty certificate or if some of them has alterations.
  • Battery modified or repaired by unauthorized personnel.
  • Battery case or top broken, hit, burnt or damaged.
  • Battery damaged due to electric failures of the vehicle, like overload or load, thus producing the burning of dividers, disintegration, blockage or hardening of grids.
  • Battery with broken, melted or damaged terminals due to external cause.
  • Charge indicators violated.
  • Battery with polluted electrolyte. Battery that after charge has a high density electrolyte due to incorrect addition of acid or low density due to excessive addition of water.

Irregularities in the certificate

  • Certification number broken or modified.
  • Sales or replacement date erased or modified.
  • Incorrect or incomplete information.
  • Bad storage conditions that prevent identification.