A company with
66-year-old energy

Our story

ITHURBIDE SA is a SME family company, with Argentine capital that expands internationally with high quality products and technology and it is equipped to compete globally. Its growth has its foundations in only one objective: to give products of excellence to our clients in a secure and sustainable context.

From its beginning on July 9th, 1956, ITHURBIDE produces industrial batteries for automobiles, trucks and huge agricultural and mining equipment. During the last decade, as a consequence of an ongoing technological development, ITHURBIDE completed its production of special batteries dedicated to alternative energies used in solar arrays, wind energy, energy support for computers and much more.

Because we all believe in innovation, we are constantly trying to improve your products and productive chain through equipment and infrastructure investments. The result of our Research and Development (R&D) process has as main objective the incorporation of competitive and high quality products on the international market.