Quality policies

ITHURBIDE S.A. has and maintains a Management Quality System based on ISO 9001:2015 Norm.
The Management Quality System has its foundations on the following principles:
  • Design a systematic, simple and effective process of ongoing improvement that can be incorporated to all the company activities.
  • Maintain a working environment where everyone in the company can perform at their best through an effective team work.
  • Train and develop the personnel knowledge and skills to maintain this process of continuous improvements and self-growth.
  • Comply with all the requirements from clients, the community, the shareholders, our people and the applicable regulations.
  • Optimize the hygiene and security conditions of the facilities, prevent the environmental pollution at every position and promote the rational use of resources.
  • Develop trustworthy relations with suppliers that can share our management philosophy.

Disclose and apply this policy guarantees the satisfaction of all sectors related to the organization: the Customers, Our Peeple, the Communicty and Our Stockholders.

The Management compromises to guide and provide resources in order to successfully apply this policy every day.


From the beginning, Ithurbide has always been a company committed to the protection of the environment. For that reason, a system was developed and implemented through which our customers can deposit their batteries in the authorized Sales Centers for its recycle.

Today, Ithurbide aims at becoming ISO-14001 certified. Our main goal in achieving these standards is becoming an eco-friendly company. In this way, actions are carried out daily for the rational use of non-renewable resources, such as water care and energy saving. The hygiene and occupational safety of our personnel is a matter of paramount importance for the company. In this framework, each job has been evaluated to provide optimal working conditions, increasing the productivity and efficiency of our production lines.

Our certifications

Certification ISO 9001-2015
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Certification IQNET
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Certification IRAM
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